Terms of Use

- General

  1. Where I, We or UPW is used, should be referred to as UNIVERSITY PROJECT WORK
  2. This Terms of Use is subject to change if need arises.
  3. Scrutiny: In submission of your work, all submission is subjected to thorough scrutiny to make sure that the uploaded work meets with the necessary criteria for a project work or seminar work. Hence, your work might be rejected if we discover any foul play or default. An email will be sent to you indicating if your work is "Accepted" or "Rejected".
  4. Price: The prices for the project work and seminar work has been set to a flat price of ₦ 5000 and ₦ 3000 respectively.
  5. 20% Commission: A commission of 20% will be charged on your earnings while 80% will be sent to you upon request for payout. The 20% charge is to enable UPW function efficiently and ensure maximum delivery of services to her users.
  6. Minimum Payout: Be aware that there is no minimum payout. You get your money immediately you request for it.
    NB: Should there be a request for payout and confirmation alert was not received by user after three working days, a complaint email should be sent to hi@universityprojectwork.com indicating problem; else, UPW will not be held responsible for any transaction error.
  7. Ownership: By claiming ownership of the uploaded work, you agree that you will take full responsiblity of your research work. And if in the future we or any other party find out that the work was not solely yours, you will take full responsiblity of any action(s) that might arise from your misdemeanor.
  8. Thirdy-Party Ownership: By uploading a third-party work on our plartform, you take full responsibility that permission was given to you by the third-party to upload his/her work on our platform. Both shall take full responsibility of the research and any action(s) that might arise in the future if foul play is detected.

- Disclaimer

  1. All uploads are subjected to scrutiny before making it public; and UPW would not be held responsible if a client finds error in his/her dowmloaded work/piece.
  2. UPW would not be held responsible if a work/piece is found to be plagiarized.
  3. UPW would not be held responsible if a work/piece i snoticed to be a stolen work.

- Return Policy

UPW offers a return policy of upto 3 days. If 3 days have been exceeded after your purchase, we cannot offer you a refund.

Purchases made on our platform are non-refundable except in a case where content of the work does not meet up with the guidelines or is incomplete as described by the assumed downloader.



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